Tuesday 13! Laura Croft on her weakness and New Year plans

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She’s not a bad girl, but she plays one on TV. Fans of E!’s “Holly’s World” should be familiar with the fun-loving brunette who isn’t afraid to stir up a little trouble—as long as it’s in the name of fun.

Known primarily for her modeling (she was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in July 2008) and her reality TV appearances, the Jacksonville,
Fla., native has now lent her name and considerable knowledge of the party lifestyle to the  burlesque/pole dance/striptease class at the Excalibur, “Night School 4 Girls.” Croft opened up to Best of Las Vegas about keeping fit in the New Year, her weaknesses and her hopes for the future.

BOLV: What do you like best about living in Las Vegas?
LC: I like that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, basically. I don’t like having limitations.

BOLV: No limitations can lead to overindulgence. How do you manage to stay fit?
LC: Well, you have to go to the gym to work off all the food and the alcohol. It’s hard to resist going to all of the nice restaurants and trying all the new drinks and things, so you just have to have a consistent fitness schedule.

BOLV: Speaking of which, what is your favorite restaurant in Las Vegas?
LC: I’ve got to say the Circus Circus steakhouse. I like steak houses because you know what you’re going to get. If you go somewhere that tries to fancy things up, it doesn’t always turn out very good. I like to know what I’m getting.

BOLV: It’s hard to eat healthy all the time. What guilty pleasure do you indulge in on cheat day?
LC: Doritos, definitely. Doritos, and beer.

BOLV: What is the one workout essential for a bikini body?
LC: Cardio, because it’s going to make everything smaller in a good way, and you have to get a layer (of fat) off before you can see what’s underneath when you do your strength training.

BOLV: Of all the places to show off that bikini in Las Vegas, what is your favorite?
LC: Go to Wet Republic, definitely. That’s the most fun pool party in the world. I call it the office over the summer because I’m there so much.

BOLV: What about Night School 4 Girls? How does that play into a fitness regime?
LC: When girls are coming into town for a girls’ weekend, I don’t think they’re expecting to go to the gym because they’ll probably be too hung over. But if they go to Night School 4 Girls, they can
party and burn calories at the same time, and they get to drink.

BOLV: Aside from burlesque, striptease and pole dance moves, you also offer tips on partying for those taking the class. Can you share your No. 1 tip with us?
LC: Definitely how to cure a hangover–and that is to start drinking again. It’s the only thing that’s going to make you feel better.

BOLV: Your career has taken a number of unexpected twists and turns. What did you want to be when you grew up?
LC: Well, I still want to be on “The Young and the Restless.” It’s my favorite soap opera. I’ve been watching it for years. Other than that, I used to want to be a weather girl. I went to college for the
wrong thing, basically. I should have just gone for meteorology instead of public relations.

BOLV: You portrayed Randy Orton’s wife on an episode of WWE “Raw” in 2009. Do you follow wrestling at all?
LC: I never followed it, but I knew who some of the wrestlers were. Basically, a job came up and I took it. I had fun. They had the best catering for a TV show I’ve ever seen. They had Domino’s pizza on one side and then Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I mean, I’ve never seen craft services be so fancy!

BOLV: Is there anyone in Las Vegas you would really like to meet?
Oh, Elton John! I love him.

BOLV: After the success of “Holly’s World,” is there any other reality TV you might attempt? Perhaps a spin-off series?

LC: I don’t know if I would have my own spin-off, I don’t really think that would happen. But I wouldn’t mind doing a “Real Housewives” or something like that.

BOLV: So does that mean that marriage and kids are in the future for you?
LC: I mean, anything could happen. I don’t know about kids, though. I don’t know if I’m cut out for it.

“Night School 4 Girls” classes are held Friday through Sunday in the “Thunder From Down Under” showroom at Excalibur. Classes start at $39. Visit the Excalibur box office or call 702.597.7600 for exact dates and times. Watch for new episodes of “Holly’s World” on E!.

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