Tuesday 13: Angel Porrino

It’s always exciting to see a hometown girl achieve success, and doubly so when that girl is Las Vegas native Angel Porrino. The former cheerleader-turned-personal assistant to Holly Madison-turned-Strip headliner has had her rise to fame chronicled on E!’s “The Girls Next Door” and “Holly’s World,” but the blonde bombshell isn’t finished yet. The young mom juggles parenting her 2-year-old son, Roman; single life; and performing both in “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace and as understudy to Madison in “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood with ease…or at least she makes it look that way.

The Best of Las Vegas caught up with Porrino on New Year’s Day, where she answered questions about motherhood, the ups and downs of reality TV and Las Vegas’ best-kept secret.

BOLV: Happy New Year to you! Have you made any resolutions?
AP: My New Year’s resolution right now is just to spend more time with
Roman and keep in shape. Not really spending all day at the gym, but
just staying healthy. That is my goal.

BOLV: Have you started filming season 3 of “Holly’s World” yet?
AP: We’re not sure (when that will start,) we’re still kinda waiting
to hear from our manager about it. It should be pretty soon.
BOLV: How does Roman react to all the cameras being around when you’re filming?
AP: Oh, he loves it! He’s such a ham. If he knows he’s being recorded
or a photo is taken, he wants to see it right after. He’s such a diva

BOLV: Your Twitter profile says you‘re a single mom trying to take
over the world. What might a spin-off series starring Angel Porrino
look like?
AP: Oh, man! It would be so crazy. It would maybe just be a day in the
life, (so viewers could) see how crazy hectic it is to wake up at six
in the morning with a two year old, and have to be wide awake with
energy to play with him all day. Then there’s running errands with
him, which can be hard because of getting him in and out of the car
and because he gets hungry and tired and wants to play. Then I have to
drop him off at the babysitter before going to work, then pick him
back up and take him home (afterward,) hopefully getting a couple
hours’ sleep before he’s awake again! I think a lot of single moms and
young moms would be able to relate to it. It could be called “Angel in

BOLV: You famously blew up at Jayde Nicole during a modeling shoot on
“Holly’s World,” but more or less made up in the finale. Where does
that stand now?
AP: It’s not like we call each other to go out, but if we see each
other we’ll say “Hi,” give each other a hug. We’re civil, everything’s
good. It takes a lot to gain somebody’s trust back, but there’s no
reason to be nasty. We’re fine.

BOLV: Have there been any downsides to reality TV for you or your family?
AP: You know, there’s not really a downside, it’s just the way you
look at it. I mean your personal life is out there for the world to
see, but that’s something that you know going into it. I love it.

BOLV: You’re a Las Vegas native. What do you think is Las Vegas’ best
kept secret?
AP: I don’t know if this is really a secret, but I feel like most
people just stay on the Strip, when downtown Las Vegas, like
old-school Fremont Street and even the Charleston Arts District, is
where all the cool stuff really is, like the Artisan. It’s really fun
and chill. It’s off the Strip, it’s not a club but it’s still a bar so
you can have a drink and hang out with your friends. I feel it’s
really sort of overlooked because the Strip is so popular.

BOLV: Your act in “Absinthe” is fairly unique. Tell us, what’s it like
to tap dance inside a giant latex balloon?
AP: Tap dancing has been my favorite thing to do since I was really
little, so I get to do what I love every night. The whole balloon
situation is a little tough, because it’s hard working with an
inanimate object you have no control over. It’s not like a chair,
where you know the chair is going to be there the whole time. My
balloons pop all the time, while I’m blowing them up or while I’m
onstage, and you’ve just gotta go with it. That keeps things fresh,
for sure. Keeps me on my toes.

BOLV: How have you enjoyed being the understudy for Holly Madison in “Peepshow?”
AP: It’s awesome. I get a lot of stage time and people come just to
see me. I feel like I’m headlining two shows at once on the Strip,
which is pretty awesome since I’m only 22. It’s kind of like a dream
come true.

BOLV: You’ve tested for “Playboy,” are topless in “Peepshow” and have
only pasties on by the end of your act in “Absinthe.” How will you
explain this exposure to Roman when he’s older?
AP: I kind of feel like you have to do what you have to do. I mean,
it’s not like girls grow up thinking “I want to dance topless when I’m
older.” Well, maybe some girls do! But if you love dancing and that’s
the only way to do it, then you’ll do it. I’m really happy about my
accomplishments thus far and I think he’ll be proud of me too.

BOLV: When you are covered, which style is more you: Jeans and
T-shirts, or dresses and heels?
AP: Jeans and T-shirts! I’ve been to so many clubs in sweat pants and
boots, it’s ridiculous. I don’t hate getting dressed up, but I would
so much rather be comfortable and casual and just myself than getting
dolled up for everyone to just look at and catcall. It’s fun to get
dressed up, don’t get me wrong, but if I had a choice between wearing
heels and wearing a pair of Uggs, Uggs would be my choice any day!

BOLV: Fantasy time! If you could be involved in another Las Vegas
production, which would you pick?
AP: That’s a hard one, because I haven’t seen all the ones that I’ve
wanted to see. I guess anything that I could be dancing in would be
awesome. I’d have to say “LOVE,” because I’m really into The Beatles.

BOLV: Do blondes really have more fun?
AP: Of course blondes have more fun, come on!

“Absinthe” performs Tuesday through Sunday in the Speigeltent in front
of Caesars Palace. Tickets start at $79. Catch Angel as Bo Peep in
“Peepshow” from Jan. 2-8 and Jan. 30-Feb. 5. Tickets start at $72.60.
Tickets for both shows can be purchased at their box offices, via
ticketmaster.com or by calling 800.745.3000.

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