‘Keeper of the Keys’ movie premiere unlocks local talent

robinThe premiere of “The Keeper of the Keys” brings national attention to local authors with a star-studded red carpet tomorrow in Downtown Las Vegas.

Most self-help gurus want audiences to take his or her work seriously, but Robin Jay, writer, producer and star of “The Keeper of the Keys,” truly hopes audiences get a laugh out of her debut film. The film’s premiere is expected to draw a crowd of local and national talent tomorrow night at 7 p.m., at the Plaza Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Downtown.

“Your typical self-improvement movies tend to hit you with an endless stream of talking heads,” Jay said. “I wanted to help people, to engage viewers so they could learn something. To do that, it had to be funny.”

A published author whose works include the best seller, “The Art of the Business Lunch,” and contributions to “Chicken Soup for the Wine Lovers’ Soul” and the Power of the Platform series, Jay opted to bring this message to the masses via film instead of the written word because, she said, “the publishing world is going digital and everybody and their brother is making a movie.”

Although she had never attempted a movie project before, she found advice and support in mentor Stephen Simon, whose credits include one of Jay’s all-time favorite movies, “Somewhere In Time” with the late Christopher Reeve.

It was in the midst of brainstorming with Simon that Jay came up with the storyline of the film, which plays as a self-help version of “A Christmas Carol.”

Essentially, Michael, played by director Scott Cervine, loses his house, job and fiancée in short order. After a drunken night, he is visited by Jack Canfield (of the award-winning “Chicken Soup…” series) and is told he will be visited by experts, led by Jay’s character, Elizabeth, who will explain the keys to unlock his potential.

Along with Canfield, the movie features powerhouse names in the personal development field, such as best-selling author John Gray, PhD (“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”) and Marci Shimoff (“Love For No Reason”), along with 15 other experts from around the globe.

Regina Rose Murphy, a sound therapist in Las Vegas whose expertise fit with the vibration for the film, wanted to do the movie because “there was something about the title and its purpose that really struck a chord with me.”

Although she has never been in a movie before, she wasn’t intimidated by the idea of appearing on camera.

“The experts aren’t really acting so much as telling a story,” she said.

It is Jay’s belief that those very personal stories, along with the narrative, will set this film apart from others of its genre.

“(Viewers) won’t feel like (they’re) watching a documentary, because (the experts are) sharing deeply personal stories, not rhetoric like you’d hear from the podium,” she said.

Rose Murphy, who hasn’t yet seen the film, said she is excited for the world to see this movie.
“It feels like we’re giving birth to something very special,” she said. “It’s a powerful message in a time when we need it most.”

The red carpet begins at 7 p.m. tomorrow at the Plaza Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, followed by the screening inside the Plaza showroom and an after-party at the Triple Crown Ballroom. Tickets are $75, with VIP seating available for $200, and are available for purchase at EventBee.com.

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