Shopping: The Guy's Guide to Valentine Shopping

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Dave Smith is worried. It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and he’s decided that his girlfriend of three years (let’s call her Jane) is The One. He can’t decide if he should pop the question with the stunning 1.5-carat diamond engagement ring he’s picking up from The Jewelers of Las Vegas’ Henderson location or if he should purchase another piece of jewelry and hold the proposal for a less-expected time.

“My guy friends all think I should just ask her on Valentine’s Day, but that seems so cheesy,” Smith, whose name has been changed to keep the surprise intact, admitted. “But my female friends are divided. A few think it is romantic, but the others think she’ll hate it.”

Mordechai Yerushalmi, owner of The Jewelers of Las Vegas, a perennial Best of Las Vegas winner, said proposing on Feb. 14 is “very nice. It keeps our town busy!”

The Jewelers’ stores have been helping guys surprise their sweethearts with the perfect jewelry gift for more than 35 years, and Yerushalmi pointed out that no budget is too small…or too big.

“I have some customers spend just $200 to $300, and some customers spend a few hundred thousand for a Valentine,” he said.

Smith is still leaning toward waiting and presenting “Jane” with another gift on Tuesday.

In that case, Yerushalmi, who works out of the company’s Western location, had a few suggestions.

“The most popular, of course, are the hearts, then after that is the diamond studs,” he said. “They are extremely popular. Any lady would love to have diamond studs.”

With prices ranging from a budget-friendly $150 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, studs can also make an impression. “They go from a quarter carat in each ear to two to three carats in each ear, to even bigger than that,” Yerushalmi said. “If you want to make a big impression, go with big studs. We have some that are about eight carats in each ear.”

Yerushalmi pointed out that the diamond studs “have a few advantages. If (a customer’s) budget is very low, like $200 or $300, they are able to find something for that price. Then, anytime they want to trade it, they can get 100 percent credit for what they paid for it, then just pay the difference and go for bigger ones later.”

This is an appealing idea for Smith, who has narrowed his choice to a pair of half-carat studs and a simple diamond heart pendant. When told of the trade-in policy, he said he felt much better about the gift he had in mind. Pondering the choice between yellow or white gold, he is counseled by
Yerushalmi to steer toward the white, which has been the most popular color for nearly a decade.\

When asked what gifts guys should avoid, Yerushalmi’s answer was immediate. “Gentlemen should avoid not purchasing anything for Valentine’s, because otherwise the girl will get very upset,” he warned.

Smith still isn’t certain he’ll spring for either the earrings or the pendant, but of his intended bride-to-be, he is very sure.

“She’s the love of my life, so deciding to propose was pretty easy,” he said. “Valentine’s Day, or any other time of the year, she is the one for me.”

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